Saturday, July 6, 2013

Throwback Thursday: 12-Year-Old Julianne Hough Rocks a Serious (But Fake?) Tan

Julianne Hough (Instagram) Then: Julianne Hough , who was already dancing competitively when this pic was taken, set the scene on Instagram : "Either this was during a Latin/ballroom competition and I was all fake tanned up and left my face out of it or This is a real tan and being 12 yrs old you buy the wrong foundation color at the grocery store," she wrote. The Utah native noted that her big brother, Derek Hough , who was in a pop act with her and Mark Ballas called 2B1G about that time, could be seen strumming a guitar in the background. For her part, Hough belted out a song that she recalled as Avril Lavigne 's "Complicated," although her memories must be running together, because that song wasn't released until 2002. Perhaps she was older than 12? Either way, "that was for sure my jam!," she added.
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Now: At 24, Hough has done "Dancing With the Stars" and she's crooned some of her own songs solo. She's now focused on acting, having starred in the Valentine's Day tearjerker "Safe Haven" and cast in the upcoming Diablo Cody comedy "Paradise" alongside Russell Brand.
In the last two weeks, the "Footloose" leading lady has been spotted off-set loving life following her March breakup with Ryan Seacrest , splashing around at a Beverly Hills pool party and jetting off to Paris with a friend. This time, we're sure she remembered the sunscreen!
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