Sunday, August 4, 2013

Raven-Symoné Makes Provocative Statement About Gay Marriage

Raven-Symoné (WireImage) Raven-Symoné is not one to talk about her sexuality.
When the National Enquirer wrote a story last year stating that the 27-year-old was living with an openly gay former "America's Top Model" contestant, AzMarie Livingston, she kept her response brief: "My sexual orientation is mine, and the person I'm dating to know. I'm not one for a public display of my life."
So on Friday, when she tweeted a message in support of gay marriage, multiple reports blared that the former Disney Channel star was coming out of the closet.
"I can finally get married!" she wrote. "Yay government! So proud of you.
She later clarified the post in a statement to omg!.
"I am very happy that gay marriage is opening up around the country and is being accepted," she said. "I was excited to hear today that more states legalized gay marriage. I, however am not currently getting married, but it is great to know I can now, should I wish to.
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Fashion Faceoff: Jennifer Aniston vs. Salma Hayek

Golden girl Jennifer Aniston and spicy Salma Hayek show off their A-list style in the same dress ... but who really wore it best?
Jennifer Aniston (Getty Images) Salma Hayek (LIMELIGHTPICS.US)
What they wore: A suede shift dress with a drop-waist and flared skirt from Balenciaga.
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Kourtney Kardashian ]
When they wore it: The "We're the Millers" star put her toned pins on display in a slate version of the frock for the launch of her Living Proof Good Hair Day Web Series in New York City on May 8. Hot mama Hayek rocked the design in pale pink as she strolled through West Hollywood on July 29.
How they styled it: The "Savages" actress was summer chic in the dress, which she paired with espadrille sandals, rose-colored sunglasses, and a white leather bag. Aniston kept accessories to a minimum and let the charcoal creation speak for itself.
She polished off her look with super-sleek tresses, nude heels, and a gold watch and earrings.
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Judge's scorecard: Hayek definitely did the suede number justice thanks to her matching accessories, but Aniston's simple take on the look somehow managed to upgrade the otherwise simple monochromatic dress without overdoing it. She looks so chic, right?
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Celebs Are Hot for Black Leather Trousers

It's the latest Hollywood trend! Celebs are ditching their denim and slipping into their skin-tight black-leather trousers. LeAnn Rimes sported the look Thursday on an upcoming episode of "Fashion Police," and Selena Gomez rocked the pants during her "Good Morning America" concert back in July.
Even Russell Brand has tested out the look. And while it may be hot outside, the heat can't get between Hollywood fashionistas and their black leather pants!
Check out the vid to see which other A-listers have rocked the trend, and be sure to watch "omg! Insider" for the latest in entertainment news.

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Burning Question: Why Are Some Celeb Babies So Rarely Seen?

Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green, and their son's feet (Sharky/Splash News) Wait, Megan Fox is having a second baby? The public has never seen an official photo of the first one yet, right? Is hiding a kid the new way of doing things in Hollywood, sort of the opposite of selling your first baby photo right away to a magazine? How can a star possibly keep a kid away from paparazzi? — Ellen R., Maryland
Well, I'd like to say that a new wave of classiness is spreading across the entertainment business, spurring stars to shun high-paying magazine deals in favor of either (a) Blue-Ivy-esque candids on Tumblr (b) free, Duchess-of-Cambridge-style photo ops in front of the jolly old Lindo Wing or (c) simply protecting one's child from the spotlight, a la Kim Kardashian .

Except that's not exactly the story. Here's a fact: Magazines are paying less for first photos of celebrity newborns. As I reported here in June, Kardashian may have been able to hawk the first photo of her daughter for a cool $1 million ..
. 5 years ago. Now the market has softened into the mere low six figures, not exactly a huge payday for the likes of her.
Which is one possible explanation for why Kardashian keeping her kid klandestine.

"The wait is one way she can really increase the demand for that first photo," says Mark Pasetsky, former managing editor of OK! magazine. "If she'd come out with the baby right away the demand wouldn't have been that big and she wouldn't get that much."
There may also be a bit of image management going on in the examples I cited above.
"There's a big trend of celebrities releasing their baby photos on social media to show they're not selling out," says Pasetsky, now a communications consultant at Mark Allen & Co . "It's a reputation management thing.
That said, at least some of the Celebrity Stealth Baby Phenomena is a matter of principle. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. for instance have always been obsessive about their private lives.

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, and Suri in 2006 (Giles Harrison/Splash News)
As for how stars are keeping their children out of the public eye, trust me when I say that celebrities have more power than you think.
For example, in the case of Megan's first baby, Noah, paparazzi did snap a few photos of the tyke in his first months. And those photos did make their way to some very high-profile blog pages.
But no sooner did those photos go up than angry phone calls from Fox's publicist came in, and the photos were promptly removed. Many entertainment sites fold like houses of cards if a celebrity publicist gets antsy.
There's also a chance that some of these stars are simply biding their time before releasing a first official photo. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes waited four months before putting their kid, Suri, on the cover of Vanity Fair. And Madonna waited until daughter Lourdes was 1 before releasing the first official portraits in that same magazine.
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Check out some of the priciest celeb baby photos:

Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt Parents: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Magazine: People and Hello!, 2008 Reported price: $11-14 million Copies sold: 2.8 million... more  

Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt Parents: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Magazine: People and Hello!, 2008 Reported price: $11-14 million Copies sold: 2.8 million less  

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Tue, Jun 18, 2013 2:00 PM EDT

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kim Kardashian: Motherhood Is the Most Exciting Time of My Life

New parents Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (Wireimage) Kim Kardashian seems to be enjoying her time away from the limelight. Yes, really.
"These past couple of weeks have been filled with the most exciting experiences of my life," the 32-year-old posted on her blog on Wednesday. "I'm enjoying this time to fully embrace motherhood and spend time at home with my family."
Kardashian gave birth to daughter North West on June 15 in L.A.

While she and baby daddy Kanye West emerged with "Nori" to attend Bruce Jenner 's 4th of July bash two weeks ago, the reality star has remained mostly in seclusion since becoming a first time mom (although she celebrated niece Penelope's 1st birthday last weekend).
"I've been reading all of your messages and want to thank you all for your sweet thoughts and best wishes," continues Kardashian in her post. "It truly means everything to me. I am so blessed to have the support of my family and fans in this beautiful moment.
West, 35, hasn't exactly eased back into reality so calmly. Just last week the "Black Skinhead" rapper lost it on a TMZ photog. Honestly though … when you watch the video, can you really blame him?
Although it's strange for fans to see Kardashian unusually quiet and private, omg! can assure you the new mom is happier than ever.
"She's just in total bliss," a source close to the reality star tells omg!. "She really is a natural [at motherhood].
Kanye has also been a really hands on dad. They are all so happy."
Adds a second source: "Kim and Kanye couldn't be better.
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Jessica Alba Sports Hollywood’s Most Unflattering Trend

There is no denying that Jessica Alba is one of Hollywood's best-dressed stars. But the 32-year-old proved that even a fashionista can have her off-days on Tuesday, when she was spotted walking into an office in Santa Monica dressed in a pair of unflattering, loose-fit denim overalls.
The "Fantastic Four" actress paired her rolled-up dungarees with a striped sleeveless top and polka dot sneakers, and sadly, the overall ensemble missed the mark by a mile!
But Jess isn't the only A-lister to give the denim look a test run. Rihanna rocked the fad in June during a trip to London, pairing the one piece with heels, a black bra, and a white knit hat. And Selena Gomez was photographed with a friend back in April modeling overalls with a knitted scarf.
This is definitely one fashion craze we should shelve! Check out the vid to see what other star put her own twist on Hollywood's most unflattering trend!

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Why Lindsey Vonn Won’t Marry Tiger Woods

Lindsey Vonn (Annie Leibovitz/Vogue)
When it comes to big-deal social events, the Met Gala is one of the year's most anticipated. The swanky soiree always takes place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is always hosted by fashion bible Vogue, and always features plenty of Hollywood's hottest celebrities dressed in creative creations from world-renowned designers. But when t his year's event took place in May , the media was most eagerly awaiting the appearance of not A-list actors, but two professional athletes: Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn.
Vonn and boyfriend Tiger Woods (Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images)
"Tiger's fame is obviously in the extreme, the amount of scrutiny that he's constantly under," Vonn, 28, says in Vogue's new August issue . "But that's the thing: It all comes back to being happy.
It doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks; do what you love to do and be happy and that's it."
Best Met Gala Looks of All Time
Thanks to the fact Vonn is Woods's first serious girlfriend since his infidelity scandal made international headlines and led to his split from wife Elin Nordegren, the world continues to follow their relationship, which, says Vonn, she and Woods, 37, didn't rush into.
The two met at a charity event last year and, she says, hit it off right away. "We immediately clicked, you know? It was just one of those things," the gold medalist shares.
But things didn't turn romantic initially. "We talked a lot, corresponded a lot, and he was a good friend who was always there. And then it became more. It's amazing. Life changes very quickly, in a very positive way, if you let it.
Michelle Obama's Best-Dressed Moments
While Woods's divorce from his ex-wife was very well-documented, Vonn also went through a painful breakup, having finalized the end of her five-year marriage to her skiing coach Thomas Vonn just last year. Not only wouldn't she marry a fellow skier again, Vonn insists she won't walk down the aisle again for anyone. Ever.

Vogue's Most Beautiful Wedding Photos
"I think there needs to be a certain kind of understanding because it's very hard for me to relate to someone who doesn't do sports at a high level. That part is necessary," explains Vonn. "But to have business in the relationship is very difficult.
It definitely did not work for me, and I would not recommend it. I would also not recommend getting married! When the interviewer presses her on the issue of marriage (you know, it could happen sometime in the future), she doesn't budge on her answer. "No, thanks! I am definitely not getting married. To anyone."
Sorry, Tiger. That means you too.
The August issue of Vogue hits newsstands nationwide on Tuesday, July 23.

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After denying romance reports months ago, Eva Longoria and "Ready for Love" contestant Ernesto Arguello confirmed they were dating . Arguello was cast as a bachelor on her NBC reality dating series ... more  

After denying romance reports months ago, Eva Longoria and "Ready for Love" contestant Ernesto Arguello confirmed they were dating . Arguello was cast as a bachelor on her NBC reality dating series that she was the executive producer of. "I guess we have press to thank for pushing us to see something we didn't see!" Longoria told People magazine. less  

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